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The Inspection

An inspection of your home, undertaken by a qualified and accredited Surrey-based Domestic Energy Assessor or ‘DEA’, will give your home a rating on a scale of A-G similar to the energy ratings illustrated on white goods. The EPC will detail recommendations of how you can improve the efficiency of your home - some of which may have little cost to implement.The inspection is purely a visual one, meaning there will be no disturbance to the fabric of your home, and for example no drilling or removal of fixed panels will take place.

The inspection will take approximately 20-40 minutes – this will vary depending on the size of the property, and will include the following:

A visual inspection of the outside of the property

A visual inspection of each room within the property Measurements will be taken internally and/or externally

A visual inspection of the loft space An assessment of the basement or cellar if one is present

An assessment of adjoining corridors or stairwells in flats Access will be required to mains or bottled gas, electric meters, fuel or oil supplies

Inspection of boilers, hot water cylinders, controls and central heating systems A visual check of the lighting within the home

An assessment of the glazing fitted in each room (double or single glazing) Wall thickness will be measured by opening windows or doors in most rooms

An assessment of any other energy related features such as solar panels, photovoltaic panels or renewable energy resources used in the home

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire giving details about the property and details of any relevant guarantees, certificates, planning and/or building consents for any extensions, insulation, double-glazing or refurbishment works.

Many features will depend on the age or the date of installation or construction.

Any information and documentation about your property and the heating, lighting and window installations will help ascertain your property's rating.




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